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1.Since it adopts EPT one-channel impeller, and employing two sets of EPTT supplies of carbide mechanical seal system for seal, it has the merits if no plug, durable, correct strains, ease mend, large effectiveness, important vitality conserving.

2.The pump employs a EPT structure and a new impeller mechanical seal, can effectively have solids and EPTT EPTT fiber.

three.All of its performance indexes have reached the EPTd degree of overseas products via the test.

Product information:
1. Distinctive single blade or double blade impeller construction, tremendously increased dirt potential, pump five instances the diameter fiber substance with diameter pump about 50% of the diameter of the strong particles.

2. EPT seal anticorrosive tough tungsten carbide content, sealing improvements for double seal its EPTT run in the oil chamber to permit risk-free constant procedure of far more than 8, 000 hours.

three. The all round framework of compact, modest size, reduced noise, strength-preserving result is remarkable, simple servicing, do not need to have to build pumping stations, to dive can operate, significantly lessen the undertaking EPT.

4. The pump seal oil chamber is offered with a substantial-precision anti-jamming leaking detection sensor, and the stator winding thermal parts embedded inside of the absolute security of the pump motor.

5. Geared up with automated protection safety management cupboard, pump leakage, leakage, overload and more than-temperature absolute protection, boost the basic safety and trustworthiness of the product according to person needs.

6. Float switch relying on the desired degree alterations automatically control the pump commence and end without supervised and really straightforward to use.

7. EPTT coupling installation program geared up with dual rails according to person needs, it is to install, repair a excellent usefulness, people do not have to get into the sump.

8. Complete EPT in, and to make certain that the motor will not overload.

9. There are two various installation, the installation of set automated coupling technique, cellular totally free set up system.

Overall performance Data:
Caliber: 25-500mm
Stream: eight-4000m3/h
EPT: seven-60m
EPTT: .75-250KW
Max medium temperature: 60 deg C

Product dia. of drainpipe (mm) rated ability rated head motor EPTT pace max. dia. of solid weight
(m3/h) (m) (kw) (r/min) (mm) (kg)
50QW15-15-1.five 50 15 15 one.5 2840 twenty 60
50QW18-fifteen-one.five 50 18 15
50QW25-7-1.5 fifty twenty five seven
50QW15-ten-one.five fifty 25 ten
50QW22-10-two.two fifty fifteen 22 2.two 2840 70
50QW25-15-2.2 50 22 15
50QW27-15-2.two 50 27 15
50QW42-9-2.2 fifty forty two nine
80QW50-10-three eighty 50 10 3 1430 thirty one hundred ten
100QW70-7-3 100 70 7
50QW24-20-4 50 24 20 4 1440 20 130
50QW25-22-4 fifty 25 22
50QW40-fifteen-4 fifty 40 15
80QW60-thirteen-four 80 60 13
100QW70-10-4 a hundred 70 ten 35 130
100QW100-7-4 a hundred 100 7 forty
100QW25-thirty-5.five 100 25 thirty five.5 1440 thirty 180
80QW45-22-five.five eighty 45 22
100QW30-22-five.5 one hundred thirty 22
100QW65-15-5.five 100 sixty five fifteen 35
150QW120-10-5.5 a hundred and fifty a hundred and twenty ten 40
150QW140-seven-five.five a hundred and fifty one hundred forty seven 40
50QW30-thirty-7.5 50 30 30 seven.five 1440 thirty
80QW38-thirty-seven.5 80 38 thirty
80QW50-22-seven.five eighty 50 22
100QW70-20-seven.five 100 70 20
150QW145-10-seven.5 one hundred fifty 145 ten
150QW210-seven-7.five 150 210 7 forty five 208
100QW50-35-11 100 fifty 35 11 1460 30 293
100QW40-36-eleven one hundred 40 36
100QW100-22-eleven a hundred a hundred 22 35
100QW70-22-eleven 100 70 22
150QW100-fifteen-11 a hundred and fifty 100 fifteen
200QW300-7-eleven two hundred three hundred seven fifty five 290
200QW360-6-eleven two hundred 360 6
100QW87-28-fifteen 100 87 28 15 40 360
100QW100-28-fifteen one hundred one hundred 28
100QW140-18-fifteen a hundred a hundred and forty eighteen

EPTT details:

EPTT EPT EPTT EPTT, Ltd is one of the major manufacturers and exporters in the area of market pumps with manufacturing faXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.ties in mainland EPTT. We are EPTTized in oil pump, diaphragm pump, diesel motor pump, centrifugal pump, screw pump, chemical pump and so forth.

  in Hillah Iraq  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Qw Non Clogging Submersible Water Pump, Sewage Pump, Waste Water Pump manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler