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Product Description

I. Main specification:

1. Material : Q235 Carbon Steel

2. Thickness: 0.3-3.0mm

3. Slitting width: 50-1300mm;

4. Slitting tolerance


Lengthways(laternal bending)≤mm/m

Edge Burr: ≤.3mm

5. Cutting: sending cutting

6. Speed: 0.3-1mm:0-60m/min;

7. De-coiler capacity :max.7T;

8. Coil inner diameter :Φ508mm

Coil outer diameter: Φ1600mm

9. Slitting strip: 0.3mm thickness:35 strips;

1mm thickness:12 strips;

Min strip width:10-20mm

10. Re-coiler diameter::Φ508mm;

11. EPT resource :380V 3 phase 50Hz or customerized

12. EPT control components are subject to GB standard.

13. Working height:1000mm




II. Equipment:

1. Coil loading car
A. It is composed of car frame, car axle, bearing pedestal, wheel, hydraulic lifting
mechanism, guide rod&sleeve, bracket, hydraulic operation mechanism, etc.
B.Technical Parameter




Bracket Effective Width

Wider Than The Steel Sheet Width


Bracket Lifting Height



Lifting Cylinder

Piston Diameter φ100mm, Stroke 600mm

1 Piece

Running Motor

0.75kw Cycloid motor


2.Single arm de-coiler
A. Composed by rack, decolier shaft, decoiler plate, expansion mechanism, air brake, etc.

Function:to fix and open coil. The wagon point the coil inner hole at de-coiler center,drivenby cylinder, guide into the coil inner hole. Core axial expands by hydraulic drive and tighten coil. The tension axial adopts three pcs radial plate jacket structure. The de-coiler has drive end and passive end.
Form: Steel sheet welding frame, Hydraulic breathing dabber
Qty. 1 set
Bearing Weight 7T
Coil Inside Diameter: Φ508mm
Coil Outside Diameter :Φ1200mm
3. Hydraulic guiding device &Pinch structure
A. Hydraulic pressing and driven by motor
B. Pinch Structure
A pair of pinch rolls, driven by 7.5AC motor
Effective Width:1400mm
pinch Roller Diameter :Φ155mm
4. Looping Device: lifted by cylinder
5. Xihu (West Lake) Dis. device:
This is composed of Xihu (West Lake) Dis. rail type frame, activity tablet, roller mechanism, adjusting
mechanism, and the vertical roll type wheel
Effective Adjustable Width: 300-1250mm
Press Roller Diameter Ø 70mm
6. Slitting unit
This is composed of power and host parts.
Power Part: Power seats, reducer, DC motor, tooth distribution boxes, couplings,
pneumatic clutches, spindles, and connectors, etc.
Host Part: Base, fixed arch, big slide, cutter shaft (Φ300mm, 2 sets), active arch, slide,
adjustment mechanisms for arch and knife shaft, knife, spacer, and rubber ring, etc.





Gear Reducer

1 Set

DC Motor


1 Set

Knife Shaft

40Cr, Φ150mm

2 Pieces

Effective Width

≥ Coil Plate Width


Knife Size


12 Pieces

Knife Material



Motor for Shaft Lifting


1 Set

7. Rewinder for waste material
This is composed of rack, side wire axis, side wire plate, discharge wire mechanism,
discharge wire guide mechanism, and the supporting chains, sprockets, chain cover, reducer,
torque motor, etc. Motor: 1.5kw
8. Loop Device
9. Hydraulic damp pre-dividing unit and press coil unit
This is composed of base, pre-dividing axis (pull-out), dividing pad, dividing pieces,
bearing pedestal, etc.
Pressing Rollers structure is composed of rack, slide, 3 damping pressure roller
mechanism , hydraulic damping plate, hydraulic lifting pressing structure, hydraulic platform,



Pre-Dividing Shaft Diameter


Pre-Dividing Knot


Pre-Dividing H

Φ205XΦ100X3mm, 11 Pieces

Damping Cylinder

Φ63mm, stroke 150mm, 2 Pieces

10. Hydraulic re-coiler
This is composed of gear mechanism, DC motors, brakes, couplings, winding up
expansion boards, rotating cylinder, winding up expansion, and hydraulic support arm, etc.guide rod, guide sleeve, the cradle, hydraulic operating mechanism, etc



Bracket Lifting Height


Lifting Cylinder Diameter

Φ100mm, Stroke: 600mm

Operating Cylinder

Φ80mm, Stroke: 2000mm

12. All the hydraulic system: hydraulic station, pipes, connecting head, soft pipe ,hard pipe etc….





Rated Pressure


Normal Working Pressure


Working Oil Temperature


III. The components brand :
1. Electromagnetic relief valve& exchange valve: ZheJiang brand
2. Seal ring VALQUA
3.DC timing system: EUROTHERM
4. DC motor : China famous brand 
5. PLC Siemens
6. Reducer: China famous brand
Other terms

1. EPT standard: 380V/50HZ/3Ph –should be confirmed
2. Major Color of Machine Painting: Blue(RAL5015)+ orange (RAL2004) , as per the seller factory’s color standard
3. TERMS OF PAYMENT: 40% Deposit is required within five (5)-business days from the contract signing date. 60 % is required by T/T after testing the machine or sent profile for buyer confirmation, but prior to shipment of equipment.
4.TESTING MATERIAL: It is the responsibility of the buyer to supply sufficient testing material at least 25 days prior to shipment; all costs relating to the local transport, 
customs clearance and local taxes for the sample material will be paid by
the customer.
5.After sale service:
1)In correct operation & maintaining, the machine is guaranteed for one year from the date of the successful installation and commissioning of the equipments at the Buyer’s Installation site.(the spare parts stock are available for IMMDEIATELY SERVICE);
2) If necessary, we will dispatch a technician to the factory abroad to install & regulate the machine with USD100/day. The buyer should assist our technician to get the visa and should pay for the air around ticket and the local accommodation.


The use of original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) part numbers or trademarks , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference purposes only and for indicating product use and compatibility. Our company and the listed EPT parts contained herein are not sponsored, approved, or manufactured by the OEM.


High  China  in   Bikaner India   maina coupling sales  Quality  in   Baghdad Iraq   falk 1020g20  manufacturer  Speed Slitting Line for 0.3~1.2mm*1300 Roll Former Machine with top quality lowest price