DC  China  in   Mogadishu Somalia   gear coupling falk Motor  in   Sendai Japan   pinion coupling  manufacturer  132 Kw Type Z4-250-31-Th 440V 180V 332A 12, 4A 1000 2000rpm with top quality lowest price

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DC Motor 132 kw Type Z4-250-31-TH 440V/180V 332A/12,4A 1000/2000rpm

Widely applied in the industry of metallurgy, papermaking, printing, textile, printing and dyeing, cement and machine tools.

General Description

  • Frame sizes: 100-450           
  • Rated output: 1.5-600kW
  • Insulation class: F               
  • Voltage:160V / 440V
  • Duty cycle: S1                  
  • Excitation mode: Separate excitation
  • Rotation speed: 3000,1500,1000,750,600,500,400,300,200r/min

Great speed control system by which speed can be reduced by lowering voltage with constant torque or raised by lowering exciting current with constant output; wide range of speed regulation; small size, lightweight; high output power, EPT overload capacity.

Altitude not exceeds 1000m, highest ambient temperature shall be no higher than +40ºC;can’t work in the circumstance where acidic/alkaline gas, or some other gas that may damage the insulation exist; the motor powered by rectifier supply; standard exciting voltage is 180V,reinforced excitation is allowed but its voltage can bot be higher than 500V.

Designation of Types

Mounting and Structure
1. Enclosure and mounting type     
a. Protection class is IP21S, IP23 or IP44.
b. Mounting type see below table (frame with feet).

Mounting Frame size







(feet are not for installation purpose )


(feet are not for installation purpose)



2. Cooling method
This series motors are cooled by forced air with separated built-on blower which is connected to independent power supply, and also fitted with air filter. The cooling method of the motor is IC06, motor of IC17, IC37 can also be customized.
 a. Z4-100~Z4-160, blower locates at NDE
 b. Z4-180~Z4-450, blower locates at DE
c. Parameter of the cooling air and blower motor power see table (three phase, 2 poles, 380V).
    Noted: Consult the producer when clients are interested in the following type motor:
a. Frame size Z4-100~Z4-225 totally enclosed self-cooled motor (IC410).
b. Frame size Z4-180~Z4-450 separately-cooled motor, blower at NDE (IC06).
c. Frame size Z4-100~Z4-200 self-cooled motor, fan on the shaft (IC01).
d. Frame size Z4-160~Z4-355 totally enclosed motor with air-air cooler (IC666).
e. Frame size Z4-160~Z4-450 totally enclosed motor with air-water cooler (IC86W).

3. Terminal box is at the right side of the frame from the view of DE (The motor whose terminal box is at the left side or on the top can be also customized).
4. Motor whose speed generator or rotary encoder is at NDE can also be customized.
5.  Motor is connected to flexible coupling.
Sheet 1

Frame Blowing rate Pressure Output Power
m3/h pa kW
Z4-100 160 200 0.04
Z4-112 220 300 0.06
Z4-132 360 450 0.18
Z4-160 790 600 0.37
Z4-180 1200 940 1.1
Z4-200 1600 800 1.1
Z4-225 2880 1400 3.0
Z4-250 3000 1400 3.0
Z4-280 4000 1600 4.0
Z4-315 4680 1600 5.5
Z4-355 5200 1600 5.5
Z4-400 7200 1800 5.5
Z4-450 9000 1800 7.5


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DC  China  in   Mogadishu Somalia   gear coupling falk Motor  in   Sendai Japan   pinion coupling  manufacturer  132 Kw Type Z4-250-31-Th 440V 180V 332A 12, 4A 1000 2000rpm with top quality lowest price